Founded as family business in Weston, Florida in 1999, we have been specializing in custom application development including mobile device apps for Apple iPhone/iPad, Android and Microsoft Windows.

Native programming languages are Swift, Objective-c, Java and C#. Platform independent applications are built in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java or C#. Development platforms are xCode, Android Studio, Visual Studio, Eclipse and NetBeans.

We have delivered projects to small and medium sized businesses as well as home offices.

Primary market is USA. Services are provided by our in-house employees or contracted off-shore specialists. Project management is always local. Call us for a free personal consultation. We go to your place.

Apple iPhone and Android professionals in Broward and Miami-Dade, Florida

Native applications

Native mobile apps provide fast performance, great reliability and resource rich platform like multimedia, memory and speed hungry games, interface or mission critical solutions. These apps are fully compatible with the device’s hardware and its native features, but more expensive to develop. We need proprietary tools and software specialists.

For Apple's iOS devices we use the language of swift and objective-c with xCode. Java is the main language of Android phones and tablets, the software development tool is the Android Studio. Microsoft device apps are built with MS Visual Studio in c# or java.

Code optimization, bug fixes, stalled project recovery services are also available.

Software pros to build native mobile applications

Platform independent solutions

Cross platform, or platform independent development is an inexpensive choice to build light applications like personal, small business, education, travel, lifestyle, entertainment or social media solutions.

Microsoft Visual Studio with Xamarin, Eclipse, xCode and Android Studio are our preferred developer tools. Programming languages are java, c# for hybrid, html, css3 and javascript for html5 mobile web applications. Hybrid apps are a trade-off between pure native and html only web solutions. We build hybrid apps in Visual Studio Xamarin.

When you have very tight budget, or need a quick development and want to deploy your app at scale, we tend to recommend cross platform solution.

Note that "responsive" web sites are not mobile applications. The user interface of these web sites are optimized for different platforms but have no functionality of a mobile app.

java, csharp,html5 developers in Florida.

Building your application

The difficulty and cost of successful mobile app development have not escaped the notice of companies. Costs for very small projects start at $2,000 and we have to work on your project for at least 3-4 weeks. Steps we have to go through:

  • Personal consultation(s) and application design.
  • Prototyping for complex, large enterprise level applications.
  • Creating, or adding the new project to your Apple iTunes AppStore, Google PlayStore and Microsoft accounts. Managing licenses.
  • Application development and testing. Embedding analysis tools. Test environment setup.
  • Deployment, publishing.
  • Performance report, code adjustments, updates, bug fixes.
  • Application marketing. Organic search optimization, web site integration and managing paid campaign. Social media marketing. Usage analysis.
Samrt home, home automation, security camera, electricians


Project management

Strategy planning, marketing consultancy. Information system (IS) project management.

Information systems, change management

IS design and implementation. Application and database building. Mobile platform design and implementation.

Installations, repairs, maintenance

Installation of back-end infrastructure; servers, networks and applications. Database server, web hosting and Web API. Maintenance support services.

Problem solving

System and software optimization, upgrades. Front-end face-lift. Bug fixes. Problem solving.

Training & tutoring for users and beginners

Computers, mobile gadgets and operating systems.

Remote IT help desk

IT staffing. Remote technical support for infrastructure and applications. Out-sourcing in un-predictive situations.

Native mobile applications

Mission critical, optimized custom applications. Front and back-end design and implementation. Data and notification handling. iBeacon, Bluetooth and WiFi interfaces. Navigation.

Apple iPhone and iPad

Apple application development and iTunes AppStore account management. iCloud integration.

Android native applications

Native application development. Google PlayStore account management. Google application analysis (Analytics).

Microsoft Windows mobile

Microsoft Windows mobile app development for tablets and phones. Platform independent solutions.

Web service and database applications

Data and business logic integration with company infrastructure for mobile solutions.

Social Media Marketing

Organic and SMM marketing for mobile applications. Advertising. Performance monitoring.

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